Jakobs Journal

March 22, 2010…back home


It sure is a wonderful thing to get out of town for a few days. I really gotta do that more often. Especially if the trip involves Sheffield, Mass. It’s just so great to get rejuvenated, inspired and reminded. Reminded why I’m doing all this and why I believe in it so deeply.

Since being back, I’ve found myself in a position of giving advice to a couple teachers and some Autism parents. I’m getting to the point where it’s just a matter of me opening my mouth and the information about Son-Rise flows. It’s such a loving way to be with our kids, I want people to understand it and check it out for themselves.

Jakob had a ball with his Grandma while I was gone. That’s another bonus of me being out of town…a bonding opportunity for them. At one point, Mom went in the bathroom and Jakob got upset. He started saying “no bye bye grandma”. So sweet. She’s really working on him saying “gazundheit” after sneezes (she was a high school German teacher for years and thinks it’s just soooo cute). He’s kinda close. And Mom’s right, it is pretty cute.

Meanwhile, as he continues to lament the passing of the “white camera” (the flip video he broke), I’ve been trying to distract him from the pain. Every time he asks for it, I say “the white camera is broken, darnit” and snap my fingers. I’m quite animated when I do this and he’s now saying “darnit” while he makes the snapping sound with his tongue. It’s hysterical. Only problem is, when he says it, it sounds a lot more like “G-Damnit”. Most moms would probably get upset if their kid said that over and over…not me. I’m just thrilled we got language.