Jakobs Journal

March 8, 2011…He’s John Denver


See the resemblence???

I think Jakob is John Denver reincarnated. I mean it, I’m totally serious. I have proof.

Jakob never (well, very rarely) lets me sing. I’m the kind of person that will bust into song at any given moment for no particular reason. Some songs are even originals that I have composed myself.

I will readily admit that I do not sing well…but I sing loud and with a lot of passion. It comes from the heart and I do have the music in me. What I lack in skill, I make up for in charisma and stage presence.

I will have the urge and the music will just begin to pour outa me. Sometimes the song of choice will have been inspired by something that has just happened or it could just come out of nowhere. Some things just can’t be explained. And 99% of the time Jakob will cut me off within the first two bars by yelling, “no singing”. Inevitably, if anyone else is around to witness this, they thank him for making me stop.

Tonight was different.

I’m not sure what inspired me but I burst into “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”. A classic. My former opening number at karaoke. I know all the words…no screen needed. I was knee-slapping and clapping and really entertaining myself when Jakob walked into the room. He took my hands and wanted me to clap with him. He was looking me in the eye and smiling. He let me sing the whole song.

I whipped out my iphone where I, of course, have many of John Denver’s greatest hits and I pulled up the song and hit play.

He never lets me play music on my iphone (except “Who Let the Dogs Out” occasionally). He grabbed the phone out of my hands, held it firmly and stared at the picture of John as the musical masterpiece played. He was engrossed. I’ve never seen him like this. It was as if he were being reintroduced to an old friend. He listened to “Take Me Home Country Roads” and “Grandma’s Feather Bed” with the same enthusiasm.

It would explain so much. Even his hair. I believe in reincarnation. Totally. I gave birth to the spirit of John Denver. Wow. I’m so much cooler than I ever thought I was. Words cannot express how excited I am right now.

Gotta go…we’re gonna jam a little “Rocky Mountain High” and “Sunshine on My Shoulders”…WOO HOO!!