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Master bath design choices: Jon vs. Toria


Honestly, I have to pat Jon on his back for his picks for our master bathroom! I think he personally blew mine out of the water, but don’t tell him I said that. 😂

I chose all white to keep it bright and crisp, while Jon did the opposite. He chose dark cabinets, white counters and a beautiful multi-colored flooring! The man’s got good taste. What do YOU think? You can vote for my picks or Jon’s picks on our Facebook poll!

When they say the framing goes quickly, they aren’t lying! One day, it was just foundation, and now the first floor is framed, and the second is being started! It’s crazy walking in through the garage—into what will be the mud room—and starting to visualize it all! Jon’s already got the TV and couch mapped out in his man cave, naturally. 😉 And I’m starting to think about what kind of table and chairs I want in our dining area!

I love checking in with all our progress on our Fischer Homes build and having you all on our journey with us! I’ve been pinning some more home decor inspiration up on our Q102 Pinterest page. Follow along for ideas if you’d like!