Jakobs Journal | Jeff & Jenn

“Mom Talks”…January 22, 2013


So excited for the new Q102 website and the new blog!  And so excted to start writing about Jakob again…

He’s dong so great, I couldn’t be any prouder.  He’s just recently figured out that I’m on the radio.  So cute…every time we get in the car, he checks to make sure the radio is on 101.9 and says “Mom talks on 101.9″.  His face just lights up every time he hears me on a promo or commercial.  It may become an issue though…if we go a whole car ride without him hearing my voice, he wants to wait in the car until he does.  We’ve almost been late a couple of times.  Always a negotiation…”mom talks on 101.9…maybe next time” seems to work most of the time :).