NatJonesin’ Part Deux: Welcome to my Party


I am havnig writers block this week, mostly bc I am so scared to say exactly what I want. So in the wake of Larry King’s death I am reminded of what I read in his book “How to talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere'” in it he says when you can’t find the write words to say, start by expressing why and it will flow from there. So let’s start there. I am beginning to think this process of not drinking ang smoking means more to me and is changing me more than I like to admit. In a great way. It turns out I spent a lot of my time doing those actions for a long time. Now let me be clear,  I had a freakin blast and can’t wait for party nat to be back (sans cigarettes) but for now, I am so into this phase. And let’s be honest, if you haven’t gone on a sober binge of quarantine yet, join the club. This is my time so I’m making it a party, Welcome to My Party.


This past weekend I went to the ski hill near my house and decided I want to learn how to do a jump on my snowboard. I never got that great at snowboarding when I lived in Colorado bc I was doing everything else under the sun and lets be honest, hungover a lot. SO this past weekend when I went I couldn’t help realize all I cared about were the jumps, it’s something I have always wanted to do. So now I am going to do it. Simple as that.  But lets go back for a sec here- getting to “simple as that” has taken a long time. To get out of my own way. This may come as a surprise, but I hold back A LOT in life. I post the highlights or moments when I am inspired but I hide a lot. Its easy for me to go strongly into something I don’t really care about, but when I do care I am scared AF. Like this freakin blog.


ok this week, i gotta be honest,  i am so sick of talking about eotions- lets just have some freakin fun. I am making this a party