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Give Back Tuesday: Ovarian Cancer Alliance 9/10



Did you know the month of September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month? 🙂

Today on Give Back Tuesday, we were joined by Shelly and Melissa from the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati!

The OCAGC is an organization that focuses on raising ovarian cancer awareness, supporting those affected, and driving Research to end the devastating effect of Ovarian Cancer.

Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among American women.

For years, women have known that ovarian cancer was not the silent killer it was said to be.

Over the past decade, science has confirmed what women have long known ovarian cancer has symptoms.

Follow the acronym below to check if you have Ovarian Cancer symptoms:



E- EATING less and feeling full quickly

A-ABDOMINAL and/or pelvic pain

T- TROUBLE with bladder (urgency and frequency)

Most importantly… LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

You are not overreacting. You are not being dramatic.

See your doctor if you do not feel right.

Coming up this Saturday, the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Greater Cincinnati will be hosting their Annual Teal Power 5k at Summit Park in Blue Ash!


Donate or volunteer at the OCAGC 🙂

Thank you, Melissa and Shelly, for taking the time to come on Give Back Tuesday!

You were wonderful. ❤

Shelly and Melissa’s Picks: 

Survivor – Destiny’s Child

I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty

Stronger – Kanye

I Lived – OneRepublic

Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Dream On – Aerosmith