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Person of Interest with Natalie Jones: Patty Brisben


Last Spring I got to interview Patty Brisben and alas, a strong friendship was built. This week lets take a look back …..At the Pure Romance queen 🙂

How do you accurately describe Patty Brisben? Words can’t really describe. She is an inspiration to us all who didn’t just change the game, she created the game for empowering women on sexual health in Cincinnati and across the country. As a single mom she learned first hand the importance of taking chances and trusting yourself first and foremost. When she started Pure Romance 26 years ago she had a dream and more than anything, a will to do whatever it takes to support her family and make her dream of helping woman an ultimate success. She has become the most successful woman in Cincinnati because she genuinely cares about everything she spends her time on. She is tender, strong willed, excited, and very well spoken. This, week Natalie spends time with powerhouse Patty Brisben.