Amy’s Table

Join Creative and Culinary Director Amy Tobin every week for Amy’s Table: A Guide to Living on Cincinnati’s Q102. Amy will share tips for a happier, healthier you along with inspired ideas for recipes, and more!

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Latest Episodes

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The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook

A seasonal food journey with native Kentuckian Maggie Green, The Kentucky Fresh Cookbook takes home chefs through a year in a Kentucky kitchen with more than 200 recipes.

Cool Down, Grab a Cold Summer Drink with Amy and Kim

Amy chats with Kim Haasarud author of “101 Tropical Drinks.” The book features Fun Tiki drinks and fruity cocktails for summer entertaining from the author of 101 Shots. Whether you’re…

Become Thinner This Year

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Cook Yourself Thin

Co-host of Lifetime’s “Cook Yourself Thin” Allison Fishman shows you how to eat great—and look even better! In You Can Trust a Skinny Cook, Allison Fishman teaches you how to…

About Amy

Amy Tobin fell in love with food as a young girl and began throwing her first dinner parties in high school. She’s come a long way since then, entertaining staffers from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines, interviewing Paula Deen, developing recipes for Gold Star Chili, writing a cookbook and creating the on-air segment “Amy’s Table” on Q102.


But her most meaningful accomplishment (besides her kids, of course), is her consulting business, Amy Tobin & Company (formerly Taramy Enterprises). “I’ve built it into something that makes me both proud and happy,” says Amy. “I love working creatively with brands on food and lifestyle projects.” You can find her at the New Riff Distillery in Northern Kentucky, where she is the Creative and Culinary Director of the Event Center

Amy’s been sharing her passion for food, entertaining and living well on Q102 since 2005. Some “living well” tips she takes to heart? Exploring Cincinnati’s beautiful parks—particularly the trails in Sharon Woods, honing her talent for fishing and spending quality time with her husband Rob, son Sean and daughter Katie, plus their two cats, Bella and Tom (“Though Tom may actually be a dog. We’re not sure.”).

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