Jenn Jordan has always loved talking about her life with her son Jakob, who has autism. Here, she shares all the feels that come along with sharing space with someone who is different. It’s the journey they’ve taken together, finding ways to connect, love and laugh through all the challenges. At its core, this podcast isn’t just about parenting autism, it’s at the heart of the human experience that we all share.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 37…Enough of Covid (with Jakob)

He worries. A lot. Which means we have our share of repeating conversations. Over and over with the same questions and concerns. Not sure he ever quite feels that there’s no need to worry, but we do our best to feel like everything is gonna be ok.

Episode 35…Big Birthday Bash (with Jakob)

Jakob wants to talk about a lot of things this trip…planning his 21st Birthday Party, if he’ll be drinking alcohol, and the shooting in Uvalde. Light stuff and heavy stuff and a mom who’s just trying to navigate important topics that he definitely wants to discuss.

Episode 34…the Fishing Derby (with Jakob)

He brought home a flyer for a Fishing Derby. This is what a conversation sounds like when I’m not sure if he does or does not want to do something. This is what unreliable speech sounds like and what I do and to figure out what he’s thinking and feeling and wanting.

Episode 33…Singing in the Kitchen (with Jakob)

A couple things here…you never know when Jakob’s funny bone might get tickled. But when it does, it sticks and the funny thing will get talked about for a long time to come. Something happened at Disney that he still gets a kick out of. And he sings his favorite song from Willie’s Roadhouse…you can’t miss that!

Episode 32…1 2 3 4 VELOCITY (with Jakob)

Jakob is so excited about his trip to Florida to compete in the Dance Worlds with his hip hop team, Velocity. He talks about all the things he can’t wait to do, what he’s bummed about missing, and where we’ll be staying. It’s so great to hear him so enthusiastic…which he actually is most of the time. Happy guy.

Episode 31…not again (with Jakob)

It was a year ago when Jakob’s grandparents got sick and we lost his grandpa. Whenever something sad or hard or upsetting happens, Jakob worries about it happening again. And he needs to be assured for days, weeks, moths, years, that it won’t. And these conversations can pop up anytime…

Episode 30…impulse (with Jakob)

Some days are harder than others. While I have no doubt that he has the words he wants to say in his brain, getting them out is just hard. That’s apraxia. When the answer won’t come, he’ll say “I don’t know” or “that’s it” or “a lot”. It’s just what comes out when he really wants to say something else. The long pauses happen and I see him trying to find the words. At one point I ask him about what songs he dances to…he says “I don’t know” and I wait for a few seconds. Then I ask him what his favorite song on the radio is and he ends up answering the first question. He works so hard…

Episode 29…Can we please fly? (with Jakob)

Jakob talks about his hip hop group as they prepare to go to Worlds in Orlando. He has much to say and you can hear him try to get it all out. Communication has always been our greatest challenge and he continues to give his all to be heard.

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It’s been 16 years since we received my son Jacob’s autism diagnoses. I didn’t know where to go, who to turn to, I certainly didn’t know what kind of therapies and interventions I should try.

Now thanks to the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati, there is a local live helpline that you can call right here, right now, called the Cincinnati Autism Connection. They will connect you with a family who is living with autism. They’re going to help you figure out which treatments are best for you and your family, so please take full advantage of it. Call 513-561-2300 or learn more at Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati.