Jenn Jordan has always loved talking about her life with her son Jakob, who has autism. Here, she shares all the feels that come along with sharing space with someone who is different. It’s the journey they’ve taken together, finding ways to connect, love and laugh through all the challenges. At its core, this podcast isn’t just about parenting autism, it’s at the heart of the human experience that we all share.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 9…Gotta Give to Get

Setting Jakob up for minimum stress and maximum flexibility in challenging situations (all situations, actually) has continued to be a goal for many many many years. And this trip to my parents’ house is the latest evidence that we’ve been on the right track.

Episode 8…Trip to Grandma’s (with Jakob)

Jakob loves road trips, especially the ones to Grandma’s house. He’s quite the seasoned traveler. Here’s how he prepares and our adventures on the road.

Episode 7…So Many Choices

Jakob made the choice to take out the trash and change his sheets and unload the dishwasher without any pressure from me. But I did inspire him to do it. I explain how. And smack dab in the middle, I get a facetime call from him. You’ll get to hear how these calls usually go. As always, he’s a hoot! And how these podcasts are helping him become a better communicator…it’s so exciting!!

Episode 6…Around the House (with Jakob)

Jakob works hard at everything he does. And he does it all with so much enthusiasm. You can hear it in his voice as he talks about the things he does around the house to help me out. He was smiling non-stop while we recorded this and I think you’ll feel it, especially when we talk about toilet paper…

Episode 5…The Attitude

Before I could do anything to help Jakob, I had to change the way I was thinking about things. His autism, his behaviors, and pretty much everything else in my life. And here is how I began doing that…

Episode 4…The Playroom (with Jakob)

Jakob wants to talk about the playroom and what we did in there, so we do! I am so impressed with Jakob and this podcast. Communication is hard for him. What he wants to say isn’t always what comes out. There are verbal impulses he struggles to control. So it takes so much focus and can be exhausting to get his mouth to do what his brain wants it to. He works so hard. And he’s doing an amazing job.

Episode 3…Following My Gut

Ending the marriage, asking questions and finding answers, and going against what the experts said to do.

Episode 1…The Beginning

What happened in utero through the beginning of treatment of Jakob’s autism. And how Jenn went from terrified to curious to inspired.

Jenn chats with author Liane Holliday

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Reel Abilities Film Festival

There’s something really cool coming to town and I’m very excited to be a part of it.  It’s the Cincinnati Reel Abilities Film Festival March 9-16, the largest national film festival...

"Mom Talks"...January 22, 2013

So excited for the new Q102 website and the new blog!  And so excted to start writing about Jakob again… He’s dong so great, I couldn’t be any prouder.  He’s...


It’s been 16 years since we received my son Jacob’s autism diagnoses. I didn’t know where to go, who to turn to, I certainly didn’t know what kind of therapies and interventions I should try.

Now thanks to the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati, there is a local live helpline that you can call right here, right now, called the Cincinnati Autism Connection. They will connect you with a family who is living with autism. They’re going to help you figure out which treatments are best for you and your family, so please take full advantage of it. Call 513-561-2300 or learn more at Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati.