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Latest Episodes

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-27-16

Abe Vigoda dies, 2nd Date Update, Average person is a zombie until 9:40am, Football is the #1 sport in America, People who go to a bar regularly are happier, Man shot in the butt over a snow shovel, Top foods that are at the highest risk for food poisoning, Woman found a lizard in her lettuce that was still alive. The lizard became the class pet for her daughter’s school.

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-26-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, Pro-Pot debate, Be like Bill memes, 5 most underrated things not on your resume, Class action lawsuit against Papa John over $.16, Comfort foods and when we like to eat them according to each sex, Teenagers are having trouble sleeping because their rooms are so stinky.

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-25-16

John Matarese stops by with tax tips, 2nd Date Update, Band records a cool new song when they’re stuck in a snow storm, Woman gives labor in South Carolina snow storm, 10 places where the most germs are lurking, 10 things we indulge in during the winter time.

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-22-16

Most popular wardrobe malfunctions, 2nd Date Update, Fox 19’s Frank Marzulo, He Haw television show, Woman holds a wedding reception after her fiance backs out, Paranoid pot smokers arrested after turning themselves in.

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-21-16

E News, Is Amy Schumer stealing jokes? Dr. Phil trapped his employees in a fit of rage, Celebs who don’t drive anymore or has never had a driver’s license, Fake or For real, Classic 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, Buying a new TV, Does having a beard make you healthier?

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-19-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, Pete Rose to Reds Hall of Fame, How much money do you need to make to feel successful, study tells you the average milestones in relationships, What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-15-16

E News, Oscar nominations, Celine Dion’s husband passes away from cancer, “Friends” reunion is not happening, 2nd Date Update, News That Didn’t Make the News, 4 tips from Cosmo to have the perfect dating profile pic, 5 random facts

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-14-16

Classic 2nd Date Update, Adult Trick-or-treating, News That Didn’t Make the News, 100 year old preschool teacher, 5 ways to save your food from spoiling, What went wrong when you went to by lottery tickets, Disagree for Coffee, E News, Razzie Awards, Bill Cosby accuser makes rap album.

Jeff and Jenn WKRQ Q102 Podcast 1-13-16

State of the Union recap, President Obama audio clips, 2nd Date Update, Re-gifting your engagement ring, What re-gift did you receive that made you angry?