Not all Jeff & Jenn Second Date Updates™ make it on the air!

Not everything can get by the censors, you know. Q102 presents Jeff & Jenn’s Second Date Update UNCENSORED™. This podcast is a spinoff of the wildly popular radio segment in which Jeff & Jenn try to get to the bottom of why someone ghosted after a great first date. It’s longer, it’s juicier, it’s UNCENSORED! Enjoy these bonus episodes never heard before on the radio. Intended for a mature audience.

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Latest Episodes

Following the Rules

Nico wants to know why Alexa isn’t calling him back! You might have heard on the radio, but this time it is without the bleeps!!

He's Very Talented

Rob met Joanne who works in the same office building and they had a great date, but then what happened!!! Listen as Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim get to the…

We need a mop!

Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim chat with Leena and Joe!!

Why, just why?

This time around – the team is talking with Laura and John.