Not all Jeff & Jenn Second Date Updates™ make it on the air!

Not everything can get by the censors, you know. Q102 presents Jeff & Jenn’s Second Date Update UNCENSORED™. This podcast is a spinoff of the wildly popular radio segment in which Jeff & Jenn try to get to the bottom of why someone ghosted after a great first date. It’s longer, it’s juicier, it’s UNCENSORED! Enjoy these bonus episodes never heard before on the radio. Intended for a mature audience.

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Latest Episodes

Love At First Bite

Jeff and Jenn hear from Alicia who is looking for a second date from James! Let’s find out together!!!

Who is Horny??

Steve is looking for answers! Jean has ghosted him. Here we go!

Say Cheese!

Gabe is looking for a Second Date with Savanna. What’s up with that?!

That's a Strange Texture

Ellen wants to know where Rick went!!! The Jeff and Jenn Morning Show is on it! Enjoy Second Date Update.

He Loves To Travel

Gary needs answers! Jeff and Jenn and the crew to the rescue!

Some Call It Art

Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim get answers for Beth. What happened to Henry!

That's One Way To Find Out!

It’s Stacy and Jim this go around with Second Date Update. They met at Lowers, now let’s get some answers!