Not all Jeff & Jenn Second Date Updates™ make it on the air!

Not everything can get by the censors, you know. Q102 presents Jeff & Jenn’s Second Date Update UNCENSORED™. This podcast is a spinoff of the wildly popular radio segment in which Jeff & Jenn try to get to the bottom of why someone ghosted after a great first date. It’s longer, it’s juicier, it’s UNCENSORED! Enjoy these bonus episodes never heard before on the radio. Intended for a mature audience.

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Latest Episodes

One More Romp

Brian called Jeff and Jenn to help him get ahold of Lilah, She was amazing, so what happened?!

Let's Get Brunch

It’s John and Caitlyn’s turn on Second Date Update! Here we go!

That Fels SO GOOD!!!

The gang is talking with Helena about her date with Rob. Why has he not returned her calls? We will find out!

Beautiful Curls

The crew chats with Jason and Veronica. This one is a doozy!

Sore Bottom

Rhonda is looking for a second date with Carl – What. Is. This?

Cold Hands. Warm Heart,

Jeff, Jenn, Fritsch, and Tim chat with Mike. He’s looking for a Second Date with Caitlyn.