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Latest Episodes

EP#135 Andrew Salzbrun DANGER WHEEL

As our most frequent guest here, welcome back Andrew. Man of many trades, he is giving us the scoop on this years Danger Wheel happening July 20th in Pendelton/OTR Cincinnati. Buckle up babe.

EP#133 Marsha and Rachelle – Doit4Meryl – LGBTQ Youth Suicide

I recently got an email from mothers Marsha and Rachelle. They are mothers who lost their daughter Meryl to suicide in April 2020. She was a gay teenager who was bullied for being out, loud and proud. Marsha and Rachelle are strong, kind, loving, and advocating for teen suicide prevention, awareness and overall mental health.

They have started a foundation in her name and You can donate at

You can also support and participate in the the COLOR RUN in Meryl’s honor on JULY 30th in Owenton KY. Hope to see you all there -nat #stay;

If you or someone you know needs help the suicide prevention line is always available 800-273-8255

EP #132 Julie Evans on Adoption, Foster Care, and Having Two Mommies

Miss Julie Evans is force- a force that is made of nothing but love. I have watched her and her family grow with such strength over the fast 5 years I just needed to know more. Julie and her wife are former Foster Parents who have officially adopted their 2 boys- but not with out obstacles I can’t even imagine. If there is a gold star in life- they get it. let’s hear their story 🙂

EP #131 Andy Grammer!

Great friend of Q102 and Cincinnati, Andy Grammer and I got to take a moment in his green room before his sold out show here in Cincinnati and get deep. Andy is no stranger to the convo of mental health and self expression so that’s what I wanted to explore with him. We’ve chatted about his music before so this time I wanted to hear a different side of him and that we shall hear. Enjoy and this latest album, The Art of Joy is out now- it’s a must listen you will thoroughly enjoy.

EP #130 Final Wrap up with Niki Lippert

I feel like we have all been on this journey with Niki. She started her very own podcast with us months ago, the “Let’s Talk” podcast, and oh the joy of her progress! She has come so far and now we sit down and chat hear her perspective of it all after her whirl wind school year. Here she is–Our girl Niki Lippert!

EP #129 Kaeleigh Taylor of NKU for GLSEN

Kaeleigh Taylor comes to us from Northern Kentucky University where she is in a class called Forbidden History. Her professor pulled a pro move and added a philanthropy component to the class for students to fulfill. So, Kaeleigh and her team decided to raise money for GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network. As a queer woman herself Kaeleigh was involved with GLSEN in high school and wanted to support. You can now go to their Instagram account @nkuforbiddenhistory and purchase products in protest of injustice. Right on.

EP #128 Christian Gausvik

Christian is a local physician and passionate advocate for geriatric care and LGBTQ communities. In fact he and is husband Cody started the Giving Voice Foundation to specifically support and build community for the geriatric community and especially those living with and caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Today we get the full story and talk about their upcoming event, Mimosas for Memories.

About Natalie

“We have plenty of time to grow up” – me 😉

Well hello, and welcome to my bio. I’m Natalie, West-Side-born Cincy native making the best out of every day and having as much fun as possible. Please let’s go to yoga, get outside, and push some limits together. ☺️


I am the middle of 5 children raised the classic Cincinnati way: Catholic schools, parish festivals, and a lot of sports, making me a natural tomboy through and through. I’m single, no kids, but my Aunt Nat genes are strong, as I have 6 nieces, and I love big families.

Growing up in Cincinnati and moving from west to east to Clifton to OTR, I decided after graduating from UC to take my life on the road and see what this world has to offer. I ended up on the west coast in a life full of performance, stand-up comedy, outside adventure, sports, and a little bit of volunteer radio. Which I loved but always thought something was missing.

So, when I decided to come home and be with family, I was elated to find a whole new meaning of family here at Q102. I found what I have been missing. It’s just an honor to speak to my hometown every day. ☺️ I really feel like I am member of a bigger team just doing my part. And my part is to make it fun! It’s my favorite thing in life, to bring joy to others, I think because it brings me just as much joy. ☺️


When I am not in the studio you can find me in a group fitness class (I love exercising and fitness more than anything!!), outside, traveling, downtown at a happening, or with my family. Lol. I am always on the go and looking forward to the next best thing to find and tell everyone about.


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