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Latest Episodes

EP #128 Christian Gausvik

Christian is a local physician and passionate advocate for geriatric care and LGBTQ communities. In fact he and is husband Cody started the Giving Voice Foundation to specifically support and build community for the geriatric community and especially those living with and caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Today we get the full story and talk about their upcoming event, Mimosas for Memories.

EP # 127 Lets Talk with Niki Lippert

In her 5th and final episode Niki Lippert is talking with a classmate about what their callings. Brooklyn shares how she loves to give back and the mission she feels called to live.

Ep #126 Niki Lippert with Coach Cole

This week mentee Niki Lippert of Taylor High School here in Cincinnati is talking with school coach of various sports, Coach Cole. A great listen about the importance of showing up everyday and learning from those around us. So proud of this girl, keeps getting better and better.

Ep #125 Let’s Talk with Niki Lippert

Oh I just love when stories like this happen. This episode is a compilation of podcasts my mentee Niki Lippert has recorded thus far. She is smart, curious, and bold – an excellent trio. We got together after she messaged me on Instagram and when we met she already had the vision and the goal, I just needed to help her press play. And that she has! Here are episodes 1,2 & 3 🙂  She has a few more coming I will share when they are finished. Until then, Let’s Talk with Niki Lippert!

*RELEASE WITH NEW INTRO** Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2022 special with Andi Zaferes

This week has been Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2022. And it wasn’t said enough. Eating Disorders are among the deadliest mental disorders second only to opioid overdose. And yes no one is talking about it. Lets change that and start with conversations like this. Two gals going through the same experience. If you or someone you know needs help with their disordered eating patterns- no matter what they are you can contact: and at 800-931-2237 there is hope, and you are not alone. With love- nat

Ep #123 William Jackson

Sometimes parking lot introductions are the best- just like with this guest, William Jackson. I met William and his partner Stephanie at a work event and I knew right away, they had great energy and I was instantly inspired. One of those gut feelings I just had to follow. Turns out, I William is a life coach, motivational speaker, author, consultant, and leadership developer. So duh, he had to come on and teach us a little bit about his world. Enjoy!

Ep #122 Stacy Sims Woman of the Year

I met Stacy Sims in the pool, on our synchronized swim team a few years back- and never really got to know he. I knew she did a lot of really great mindful practice work, but I didn’t know what exactly. Then in 2021 she became one of Cincinnati’s Women of the Year and I did a deep dive and found she is a champion for us all, especially the children of the future. She created to help people of all ages learn the power of stillness. Then maybe one of her most notable works is the Mindful Music Moments that are reaching 250,000+ students everyday nation wide. Enjoy and get to know more about Stacy here.

Ep #121 Vernon Jackson Author/Barber/Poet

I met this guy at a party and knew immediately I needed to hear his whole story. Vernon Jackson is an author, writer, poet, barber, and all around excellent man. His book is about honest relationships and how to foster connection in your life, two things he has pretty much mastered. He wrote a book about it called: Looking Glass: A Man’s Reflections Within the Scope of Dating & Relationships and we dive deep into the book and his perspective in this episode. Enjoy babes : )

EP #120 Financial Expert Diania Merriam

Diania comes to us as a branding specialist turned money expert, or as she likes to call it “enthusiastic about she manages money,” rather than expert. Which I love because I have learned so much from her already. Her story seems unbelievable but she walks us through navigating financial freedom – no matter where you are with your finances in your life. She reminds us you have time and space to get it where you want to be. I’m excited to share she started a conference called Econome and it is happening in 2 weeks on November 13 & 14 here in Cincinnati – you can get your tickets here and use my code: NATALIEJONES for a discount when checking out. See ya’ll on the beach retired as early as possible 🙂

EP #119 Bud Stross of The Dent School House

No way around it, this guy slaps at every aspect of life- And one of those aspects is how he is part owner of The Dent School House. He tells us alll about how it is actually haunted and what goes on behind the scenes. Lets get spooky!

About Natalie

“We have plenty of time to grow up” – me 😉

Well hello, and welcome to my bio. I’m Natalie, West-Side-born Cincy native making the best out of every day and having as much fun as possible. Please let’s go to yoga, get outside, and push some limits together. ☺️


I am the middle of 5 children raised the classic Cincinnati way: Catholic schools, parish festivals, and a lot of sports, making me a natural tomboy through and through. I’m single, no kids, but my Aunt Nat genes are strong, as I have 6 nieces, and I love big families.

Growing up in Cincinnati and moving from west to east to Clifton to OTR, I decided after graduating from UC to take my life on the road and see what this world has to offer. I ended up on the west coast in a life full of performance, stand-up comedy, outside adventure, sports, and a little bit of volunteer radio. Which I loved but always thought something was missing.

So, when I decided to come home and be with family, I was elated to find a whole new meaning of family here at Q102. I found what I have been missing. It’s just an honor to speak to my hometown every day. ☺️ I really feel like I am member of a bigger team just doing my part. And my part is to make it fun! It’s my favorite thing in life, to bring joy to others, I think because it brings me just as much joy. ☺️


When I am not in the studio you can find me in a group fitness class (I love exercising and fitness more than anything!!), outside, traveling, downtown at a happening, or with my family. Lol. I am always on the go and looking forward to the next best thing to find and tell everyone about.


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