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EP #118 ZOE Results over view with Dr. Tim Spector

Ok here are the results from my ZOE journey : Blood sugar control was GOOD scored a 58. My blood fat control was POOR at 34 and my gut microbiome score is POOR at 17. Yikes, time to clean it up. Dr. Tim Spector goes over my results with me- which it turs out aren’t the worst but leave some room for improvement. And after receiving these results I have changed the way I eat and honesty, my body has never worked better, I’m following the plan and I feel fantastic. I truly believe in this program and its valuable health information. If you want to try use my code: NATALIEJONES35 for a discount and holler at me with any questions.

EP # 117 Telluride Blues and Brews festival Vol 3: Jerron Blind Boy Paxton

And we are rounding up the Telluride Blues and Brews series with Vol 3: Jerron Blind Boy Paxton. This is a man I felt an instant connection with and could have talked to forever and ever and ever. Music nerds get ready we about to go deep! Jerron is a legend in the making as he is fluent in the fiddle, banjo, harmonica, piano, guitar, ukuele, and the bones babe- not to mention a huge smile exuding joy so much love and a lotta great stories. He is a guy I was excited to see multiple times over the weekend. He knows no stranger and ain’t got nothin but love, my kinda soul. Please enjoy and check out his music, oh and not to mention, we did this interview on my cell phone next to a stream in the middle of the mountains. It was a dream 🙂

EP #116 Telluride Blues and Brews Fest Vol 2: Sugar Harp

So for everything Telluride Blues and Brews make sure you check out the official website, and if you ever get the chance, go to the festival – Don’t second guess, don’t convince yourself you can’t make it for whatever reason, just make it happed and I’ll see you on the dance floor- at least one of them. For Volume 2 of this series we have another blues legend, Sugar Harp. He plays what he calls the, “down in the gutter, back alley, storytelling blues.” With a harmonica in his hands and a whole lotta feelin behind it. His music tells the stories of this life endured from Hanging with Jimi Hendrix to Woodstock to growing up poor is Alabama to playing today in place like Colorado on a picturesque campground stage that seems as if it’s out of a movie. Me and Sugar Harp had this crazy convo on my phone in the likeness of Jerron Blind Boy Paxton and Fred Thomas- a guy who played in the James Brown band for over 30 years. This was an over whelming moment in life I am grateful I was able to capture a few moments of to share with ya’ll. From Uber Eats to the Music Maker Foundation, enjoy the ride with Sugar Harp.

EP #115 Telluride Blues and Brews Fest Vol I: Mitch Woods

So this whole experience I’m about to share with you is really special to my heart. We have 3 episodes coming up that I got to record while at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival 2021 last month. And ya’ll know I used to live in Telluride Colorado and find it’s where my soul is most at home. So I was over joyed when I got to collide my new life here in Cincy with Q102 and my former life in Colorado at the Festival, by recording some rad podcasts and meeting some legendary genre-shapers of our time. First here is Mitch Woods, he is a rock-a-boogie pianist who brings the freakin’ heat wherever he goes. I have no idea how old this man is but I gotta tell ya, he has the energy of a 23yr old who just fell in love for the first time.  We recorded this conversation in an ice hockey rink that was turned into a venue, here we are in the green room sitting cozy on a couch 🙂 Please enjoy our short little convo and check out his music here

#113 Chelsea Handler

THE GOAT my co-host and I got to interview Chelsea Handler before she went on stage here in Cincinnati on her latest, Vaccinated and Horny Tour 2021. So how horny is she? I asked her, she answers 😉

#112 Rob Willey / TALL GRASS FILMS

When Chase Crawford says I gotta friend with a great film premiering and you gotta meet him, you simple do as told. Rob Willey is from BC and comes at us with the US Premiere of his latest feature length film RIVER ROAD which by the way, was nominated for 7 Leo Awards (the British Columbia version of the Academy Awards) and is showing at the WoodWard Theatre tonight 10-1-2021 check it out yall and enjoy:) Film Production : TALL GRASS FILMS @rob.willey

EP #111 Tim Timmerman!!!!!

You know him, you love him, my co-worker and lover of life. Tim and I just have a lot of fun. LOVE this episode.

EP #110 Tim Spector of ZOE Vol. 2

So lets continue with all of your questions sent into me. One thing Tim makes clear: the more diverse whole foods in our diet, the better. Next time we chat I will be discussing my ZOE results. Wish me all the luck.

EP #109 Dr. Tim Spector of ZOE

Everything you have learned about food is wrong. This is what our guest likes to start out with. Dr. Tim Spector is normalizing nutrition through the power of science. He is a British Epidemiologist, Professor, author, and doctor, and human rights enthusiast and now, Person of Interest. Specializing in what is near and dear to my heart, health and nutrition specifically our gut microbiomes. My man. Did you know inflammation is the leading cause of disease? Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in America? Let’s take control of our health and our bodies bc when we have health, we have it all.

About Natalie

“We have plenty of time to grow up” – me 😉

Well hello, and welcome to my bio. I’m Natalie, West-Side-born Cincy native making the best out of every day and having as much fun as possible. Please let’s go to yoga, get outside, and push some limits together. ☺️


I am the middle of 5 children raised the classic Cincinnati way: Catholic schools, parish festivals, and a lot of sports, making me a natural tomboy through and through. I’m single, no kids, but my Aunt Nat genes are strong, as I have 6 nieces, and I love big families.

Growing up in Cincinnati and moving from west to east to Clifton to OTR, I decided after graduating from UC to take my life on the road and see what this world has to offer. I ended up on the west coast in a life full of performance, stand-up comedy, outside adventure, sports, and a little bit of volunteer radio. Which I loved but always thought something was missing.

So, when I decided to come home and be with family, I was elated to find a whole new meaning of family here at Q102. I found what I have been missing. It’s just an honor to speak to my hometown every day. ☺️ I really feel like I am member of a bigger team just doing my part. And my part is to make it fun! It’s my favorite thing in life, to bring joy to others, I think because it brings me just as much joy. ☺️


When I am not in the studio you can find me in a group fitness class (I love exercising and fitness more than anything!!), outside, traveling, downtown at a happening, or with my family. Lol. I am always on the go and looking forward to the next best thing to find and tell everyone about.


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