Intriguing, engaging and compelling. Q102’s Natalie Jones talks to some of Greater Cincinnati’s most fascinating people. Behind every good story is a Person of Interest.

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Latest Episodes

#113 Chelsea Handler

THE GOAT my co-host and I got to interview Chelsea Handler before she went on stage here in Cincinnati on her latest, Vaccinated and Horny Tour 2021. So how horny…

#112 Rob Willey / TALL GRASS FILMS

When Chase Crawford says I gotta friend with a great film premiering and you gotta meet him, you simple do as told. Rob Willey is from BC and comes at…

EP #111 Tim Timmerman!!!!!

You know him, you love him, my co-worker and lover of life. Tim and I just have a lot of fun. LOVE this episode.

EP #110 Tim Spector of ZOE Vol. 2

So lets continue with all of your questions sent into me. One thing Tim makes clear: the more diverse whole foods in our diet, the better. Next time we chat…

EP #109 Dr. Tim Spector of ZOE

Everything you have learned about food is wrong. This is what our guest likes to start out with. Dr. Tim Spector is normalizing nutrition through the power of science. He…

EP #108 The Heavy Hours Band

These Cincy born and bred musicians are taking us all by storm with their latest EP Wildfire which they co-wrote with Dan Auerbach NBD. But working with big name talent…

About Natalie

“We have plenty of time to grow up” – me 😉

Well hello, and welcome to my bio. I’m Natalie, West-Side-born Cincy native making the best out of every day and having as much fun as possible. Please let’s go to yoga, get outside, and push some limits together. ☺️


I am the middle of 5 children raised the classic Cincinnati way: Catholic schools, parish festivals, and a lot of sports, making me a natural tomboy through and through. I’m single, no kids, but my Aunt Nat genes are strong, as I have 6 nieces, and I love big families.

Growing up in Cincinnati and moving from west to east to Clifton to OTR, I decided after graduating from UC to take my life on the road and see what this world has to offer. I ended up on the west coast in a life full of performance, stand-up comedy, outside adventure, sports, and a little bit of volunteer radio. Which I loved but always thought something was missing.

So, when I decided to come home and be with family, I was elated to find a whole new meaning of family here at Q102. I found what I have been missing. It’s just an honor to speak to my hometown every day. ☺️ I really feel like I am member of a bigger team just doing my part. And my part is to make it fun! It’s my favorite thing in life, to bring joy to others, I think because it brings me just as much joy. ☺️


When I am not in the studio you can find me in a group fitness class (I love exercising and fitness more than anything!!), outside, traveling, downtown at a happening, or with my family. Lol. I am always on the go and looking forward to the next best thing to find and tell everyone about.


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