Q102 radio show co-hosts Freddy Mac & Nat turn their mics on after the show to give their uncensored thoughts on the day’s topics, their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and anything else under the sun! These two friends are polar opposites. Natalie’s wild-child nature is contrasted by Freddy’s straight-laced personality, which makes for a fun, yet unorthodox, party.

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Latest Episodes

Birthday Phone Scam- Sativa for Seniors

Brian wrote in asking us to prank his fiance, Courtney. She goes out of her way to visit her Grandma at the nursing home, so we had some fun with her!

Birthday Phone Scam- No Canceling!

Jasmine signed up for one of those 30 day free trials of a streaming service, but forgot to cancel before it automatically billed. Her husband says she’s been trying everything to get this refund.

Ep. 143 | "Juicy Booty"

Freddy Mac and Nat break down their weekend plans, including Nat’s *last minute* Christmas Party, Santa doesn’t drink in front of the kids, getting accosted, and more!

Ep. 141 | "From July to July"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk recap their weekends, buying Christmas gifts for yourself, ending the year, and more!

Ep. 140 | "Tap, Tap, Tap"

Freddy Mac and Nat recap their surprised filled Friday afternoon, that included special shoes!

Ep. 139 | "Hard in the Paint"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about their early morning workout, only giving 80%, the hardest person to shop for, and more!