Q102 radio show co-hosts Freddy Mac & Nat turn their mics on after the show to give their uncensored thoughts on the day’s topics, their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and anything else under the sun! These two friends are polar opposites. Natalie’s wild-child nature is contrasted by Freddy’s straight-laced personality, which makes for a fun, yet unorthodox, party.

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Latest Episodes

Birthday Phone Scam Inmate Ink

See, Josh is a great guy, he wants to help his girlfriend excited about her first tattoo she has coming up- so she asked us to help make it memorable – Its insane what Reggie learned in prison!

The Rusty Teeth

Allie and Charlie really wanna get their aunt Ashley on her birthday, she recently went to the dentist and got a fluoride treatment, but guess what she wasn’t in store for!

Birthday Phone Scam – Who Don’t

Kristen’s husband Grant is THEEE BIGGEST Bengals Fan. So she want’s us to trick him into thinking his tickets have been revoked- I mean really, what would you do?!?! Find out what Grant does..

Birthday Phone Scam – The Wrong Way Buffet

So maybe you have a big appetite and no shame at the buffet. Good for you! But not when Brenda is around. Can you imagine being called out for eating too much? That’s exactly what happens today. Gah!

Birthday Phone Scam – One the Job Allergies

Seasonal work is in full flush right now and Theodore is trying to get a job from Gabby. But being ambitious is not going to get you a job if you are allergic to everything under the sun.

Birthday Scam – Frosty the Ferret

What happens when Brenda finds a ferret in a blow up lawn snow globe? Like the ones you buy at a hardware store? LOL you gotta find out!

Birthday Scam – The Store Announcer

When your co-workers scam ya, it’s a sign of love ain’t it. What happens when an ambitious wanna be store announcer calls Tabatha – BA!

Birthday Scam – The Bareback Bronco

McKenzie wants to prank her dad Palmer bc he’s on the hook to get a new horse. But what will he do to get one – Vincent Simpson finds out how far he will go.