Q102 radio show co-hosts Freddy Mac & Nat turn their mics on after the show to give their uncensored thoughts on the day’s topics, their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and anything else under the sun! These two friends are polar opposites. Natalie’s wild-child nature is contrasted by Freddy’s straight-laced personality, which makes for a fun, yet unorthodox, party.

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Latest Episodes

Ep. 20 | "Good Gracious, A$$ Bodacious!"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk with Nelly about his love for The Crown, Dad life, big booties, and much more! Follow Freddy Mac and Nat on IG: @FreddyMacAndNat

Ep. 18 | "My Arm is Tingling"

Freddy Mac and Nat welcome their first special guest, Tim! Today they discussed Nat’s dating life, cuddling, how we’re all using the bathroom wrong, and much more!

Ep. 17 "Thin-Skinned"

Freddy Mac and Nat have an update on Natalie’s mouth getting her in trouble, along with a spur of the moment intervention, Freddy self-diagnosed himself with a condition and much…

Ep. 16 | "Suns Out, Buns Out"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about out-of-the-ordinary things they want in their house, Freddy’s parents are staying at his house for the weekend, policemen on bicycles, and much more!

Ep. 15 | "Ohhh Dannyyy!"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about noisy neighbors, sex ed in schools, Piers Morgan’s temper tantrum, and much more!

Ep. 14 | "Hot in Herre!"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about hate for musicals, Natalie had a foot-in-mouth moment, best night of the week for a first date, and much more!!

Ep. 13 | "Harry Who?!"

Freddy Mac and Nat discuss the cigarettes-free journey, International Women’s Day, Harry and Megan, and much more!

Ep. 12 | "Hard Shell Tacos"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about Twitter’s new feature, Natalie’s odd way of eating tacos, and so much more!