Q102 radio show co-hosts Freddy Mac & Nat turn their mics on after the show to give their uncensored thoughts on the day’s topics, their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and anything else under the sun! These two friends are polar opposites. Natalie’s wild-child nature is contrasted by Freddy’s straight-laced personality, which makes for a fun, yet unorthodox, party.

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Latest Episodes

Ep. 127 | "I Slept 15 hours"

Freddy Mac and Nat are back! Natalie recaps her vacation to Colorado, lack of sleep, and they talk buying liquor bulk stores, and more!

Ep. 126 | "The Pantie Bar"

Freddy Mac and Nat are joined by Mollie Watson and talk about losing clothes, jobs before radio, leopard print carpet, and more!

Ep. 125 | "Stay All Day Buffet"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about old coffee, have a continental breakfast debate, unsolicited d**k pics, and more!

Ep. 124 | "Game Dey"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about Freddy’s first game day at the Cincinnati Bengals!

Ep. 122 | "Melon"

Freddy Mac and Nat about a cutie vs. a hottie, Ellen and Tammy, Natalie’s big life change, and more!

Ep. 121 | "Smell Ya Self"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about Freddy being away from the baby for the first time, carry on bag vs. checked bags, Kanye and Drake, and more!

Ep. 120 | "Rate My Professor"

Freddy Mac and Nat are joined by Mollie Watson! They talk tattoo ideas, VW Bugs, math class, and more!

Ep. 119 | "The Illiterate Bullies"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about Cam destroying the office, dealing with bullies growing up, peaking in high school, and more!