Q102 radio show co-hosts Freddy Mac & Nat turn their mics on after the show to give their uncensored thoughts on the day’s topics, their lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and anything else under the sun! These two friends are polar opposites. Natalie’s wild-child nature is contrasted by Freddy’s straight-laced personality, which makes for a fun, yet unorthodox, party.

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Latest Episodes

Ep. 109 | "Riverbend Rats"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about Natalie’s multitasking skills, some of their favorite albums and memories associated with them, texting with emoji’s, and more!

Ep. 105 | "The Pee Shirt"

Freddy Mac and Nat are joined by Q102 Midday host, Mollie Watson! They talk about being petty towards an ex, lame reality shows, celebrity crushes, and more!

Ep. 104 | "Mixin' & Minglin'

Freddy Mac and Nat recap their weekends, talk about blending friend groups, update on the “Ohio hot” guy, and more!

Ep. 103 | "Salmon Salad"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about weekend craziness, making friends as an adult, August goals, and more!

Ep. 102 "What is Hoss?"

Freddy Mac and Nat explore the meanings of “hoss”, gummies for snacks, no-show socks, and more!

Ep. 101 | "Hairy and Marv"

Freddy Mac and Nat talk about dating younger, hairy confidence, Nat has a possible date..maybe…, and more!