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Latest Episodes

Hot List 10/16/18

-Did Ariana Grande give back her engagement ring? -Most popular Halloween candy in each state -A popular home item is fading away -Kroger delivering wine? -What do financial experts say…

Hot List 10/15/18

-Halloween is going to the dogs! -How to help Hurricane Michael survivors -No. 1 high school kicker in the country is in Cincinnati!! Who?! -Ariana and Pete breakup! -Another biggie…

Hot List 10/11/18

-Are the new royals pregnant? -Who is Channing Tatum dating? -Hot Buns in OTR! -President Trump is in town tomorrow. How his visit will affect your commute? -Toria write traffic…

Hot List 10/10/18

-Want to try 150 year old yeast? -AMAs recap! -Do you need 548 Million? -New Christmas lights display! -Do THIS before making big decisions.

Hot List 10/9/18

-Post Malone has changed his appearance! -Which superstar is taking a break from music? -2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominations -The Tri-States biggest fear -Who is taking your…

Hot List 10/8/18

-Which Jersey Shore star is heading to the clinker? -What is Cincinnati Taco Week? -Halvsies on your engagement ring? -Awesome facts about babies born in October

Hot List 10/5/18

-Sports! UC Homecoming! -Dermatologist Nerds! You will want to watch this Christmas special! -The President is coming to the TriState -Bagels in OTR -Q To Do -Rocks, Vanilla, Drunk Birds,…

Hot List 10/3/18

-Why is Kanye writing checks to Kim K? -Is Cincy getting a new skyscraper? -34 types of cannoli? -Everyone will get an alert on your phone today at 2:18 -New…

Hot List 10/2/18

-Today is Name Your Car Day -Tyler Eifert Update -Graeter’s releases a Bearcats ice cream! -A new diet fad says you lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. -The…

Hot List 10/1/18

-We love Tyler Eifert! -Is a skull shaped asteroid going to fly by earth on Halloween? -New spots to shop for jewelry and soft things! -Why can’t you book your…

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