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Latest Episodes

Hot List Podcast: 09/28/18

-Q To Do -Why do men and women find each other more attractive in the fall and winter? -Hocus Pocus update! -How would you design your grave stone? -Is AJ…

Hot List: 09/24/18

-A haunted brewery tour! -Cincinnati beer winners! -300 new words have been to Scrabble -Fall TV is back tonight -A cool new app to help the blind -Sports -A moon…

Hot List 09/21/18

-College Football report!!! -Bread news!! -Jersey Shore in the Nati!? Where? -A Christmas parade in September? -Q To Do -How to make an Octopus more social.

Hot List 09/20/18

-E News: babies, movies, tattoos, and more! -Hallmark Christmas movies! -DisneyWorld is eliminating something they’ve been doing forever! -Who are the happiest college football fans? -More roundabouts coming to Butler…

Hot List 09/19/18

–Justin Bieber whipped out WHAT!!?? -How are you making your dog sad? -Polar Bear watch at the Zoo!! -What are the most popular neighborhoods to rent in Cincinnati? -Pizza and…

Hot List 09/18/18

-Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly’s feud fake? -Julie Chen OUT at The Talk -Kelly Clarkson is coming to The Nati -New LGBTQ+ bar coming to downtown -What is plogging? -New…

Hot List 09/17/18

-Is Justin Bieber leaving Canada? -Like Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are taking their relationship to the next level. -Which Netflix star is coming to NKU? -How long should you…

Hot List 09/14/18

-Weekend Q To Do! -Want to take your dog to the city pool? -Who is Drake dating? -Target introduces a new celebrity brand -How much longer will Colton be a…

Hot List 09/13/18

-Did a drone drop off a package at Toria’s house? -Vegetarian drive thru options at 2AM!! -Downtown updates!! -Crosstown Shootout gets a time! -Order a Xmas tree from your couch….

Hot List 09/12/18

-Pop-Up Boot store! -Downtown restaurant news! -Which celeb exercises naked? -Which 90’s baby names are making a come back? -A fitted sheet life hack!!

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