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Latest Episodes

Hot List 10/30/19

-Ricky Martin is a dad again! -Bengals report! -Cincy made a bunch of lists! Good and BAD! -Loveland Frog Man -Is the Switch Witch visiting? -Free Tacos!

Hot List 10/29/19

-Friends Movie? -Updates to Eden Park -Cocaine or cookies? -Would you pay for a wedding speech writer? -Hot List History: Why do we wear costumes on Halloween? -It’s Cat Day

Hot List 10/28/19

-Justin Bieber will release new music if… -Why was the Today Show in Butler County? -Jeff Ruby getting in the beer business? -Lyft helping those how need work -JackOLantern History…

Hot List 10/25/19

-Chance the Rapper -Diddy is changing his name -Q to Do -College Football -Do the wooley worms really predict winter? -Tacos and Beer!

Hot List 10/24/19

-What is in Pete Davidson’s pants? -What is in The Rock’s gym bag? -Hocus Pocus 2? -Did you lose your rams? -What is the #1 thing people judge your home…

Hot List 10/23/19

-Snoop is coming to The TriState! -Glow Run tonight! -Giraffe Watch at the Cincinnati Zoo -2019 Christmas Trends -2020 Dog Names -What up Moeller HS?! -Trisha Yearwood + Bengals.

Hot List 10/22/19

-Lots of marriages, engagements, and ONE breakup -America’s biggest pumpkin -Don’t drive if you’re recently divorced -What would it take to become a vegetarian? -Food news!

Hot List 10/21/19

-Shawn Mendes single again? -New zoo babies including a baby bearcat! -Why do White Castle burgers have 5 holes in them and what is the Cincinnati connection? -Free tuition at…

Hot List 10/18/19

-Elf 2? -Beer News -Our TriState Winter Outlook -7 Musts to play well with others -Sports! Where to tailgate at Nippert? -Q to Do -Candy Corn Pizza -It’s Rescan Day…

Hot List 10/17/19

-Prince Harry is not the only royal red head anymore -Uber & Lyft changes coming to downtown -Biscuits and Steaks -Why do men cry? -The rattiest cities in the USA…

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