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Give Back Tuesday: Red Wolf Sanctuary 12/8


Today I was joined by Valerie from the Red Wolf Sanctuary! She hosted our very last Give Back Tuesday of 2018 🙂

The Red Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit located in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Their staff and volunteers dedicate their time to preserving North American wildlife and educating future generations, teaching them the vital part each species plays in the maintenance of a healthy ecosystem! Their goal is to expose their visitors to the wonders of nature and of the wildlife that lives in this country.

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Every year, Red Wolf Sanctuary rehabs and releases hundreds of native animals. These animals include babies who have been found abandoned or standing next to their dead mothers on the road, birds who have been hit by cars while trying to hunt, as well as animals who have been attacked by predators.

Rehabilitation is a stressful and expensive task, but there is nothing more rewarding than the animal’s release back into the wild!

Below is a picture of an orphaned striped skunk being fed formula through a syringe ❤

Orphaned Striped Skunk

The staff at Red Wolf Sanctuary wants everyone to understand the importance of NEVER attempting to handle any wildlife, even babies. Often times babies appear to be abandoned but really aren’t.  This leads to many babies being taken from the wild when they do not need to be rescued.

   If you come across any wildlife that needs help, please give them a call!  

(812) 438-2306

RWS has a few residents that are there permanently: 8 wolves, 10 coyotes, 15 red foxes, 3 bobcats, 1 elk, 4 black bears, 1 striped skunk and various raptors.

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If you are interested in touring, volunteering or applying for their internship program, CLICK HERE!


Don’t miss BBQ for Bears on January 17th at City Barbecue in Florence, KY! This fundraiser runs all day, from 10:30AM to 10PM, with 25% of proceeds benefiting their animals and education programs directly! Make sure you show them the flyer below!