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Give Back Tuesday: Be a Santa to a Senior 12/4


Happppppy Holidayyyyyyys!

Today’s show made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂

I was joined by Stacy and Ryan from Be a Santa to a Senior presented by Home Instead Senior Care and Northern Kentucky Area Development District. This awesome program gives you the opportunity to essentially “adopt” a local senior citizen in need and buy them some Christmas gifts!

They have made it easy and convenient for those wanting to donate. In Northern Kentucky, you can visit your local CVS Pharmacy where they have a tree with “Christmas list ornaments” hung up. Simply choose an ornament from the tree, and purchase the items on the list for that specific senior in need.

And ya know what? They aren’t asking for much. I stopped by the Covington CVS Pharmacy location last night and picked two ornaments from their tree. One man asked for warm socks, a blanket and a book of crossword puzzles. Another asked for deodorant and a toothbrush. All items you can purchase right there at CVS 🙂

The deadline is December 12th!

If you are an Ohio resident and wish to donate, this program is also available near you! Contact your local Home Instead Senior Care Facility and they will gladly let you know which retail stores their Christmas lists are located at!

Don’t miss their huge “WRAP PARTY” next Thursday at their Fort Mitchell office! They need lots of extra hands to help them wrap over 400 gifts!

Thank you, Stacy and Ryan, for hosting Give Back Tuesday!

Stacy and Ryan’s Picks: 

Cheerleader – Omi

I Want a Hippopotamus – Gayla Peevey

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Best Day of my Life – American Authors

Brave – Sara Bareilles

Happy – Pharrell Williams