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Season 5 – Ep 3 – Never buy a house filled with wallpaper!


We have learned so many lessons over the years of renovating home and various projects, but we have learned a new one. NEVER BUY A HOUSE THAT IS COVERED IN WALLPAPER.  We liked a bunch of things about the Mt. Washington project house, so we kind of looked past all the wallpaper.  There were about 3 layers of wallpaper on almost every wall in the house.  I personally thought they were applied to cover up plaster problems – not the case.  Thank goodness!  We scraped the painted textured layer off first and then used a sprayer to soak the wall for 20 minutes and then scrap again.  It took roughly a day per wall. Here is the mixture we used.  8 parts Water, 1 part Fabric Softener, 1 part Vinegar – use a sprayer and soak wall for 20 minutes, then soak again and wait another 20.  You will see the color change and then start scraping.  If it’s just right, the wallpaper will come right off.