About Fritsch

I was born in Hazard, KY, but grew up your NKY girl. I graduated from Holmes High School and continued on to NKU. While in college, I studied French and Speech Communication, which led to my amazing job at Q102.

I’ve been at Q102 since 2001. WOW! When I first started working here, I told my parents, “Q102 will be a fun place to work until I have to get a “real job.” This many years later, working at Q102 has become a dream come true for me and the best job I’ve ever had in my entire life. I know it sounds cliché, but I look at the people on our staff as family, and we treat each other like brother and sister.


I’ve spent my entire life living in KY until 2015 when I finally took the plunge and moved in with my boyfriend in Colerain Township. Going from NKY to the West Side was quite the adjustment, but it sure has been fun learning my way around Ohio. I’ve also really enjoyed eating at new to me places like Ron’s Roost and Sebastian’s.

I love to travel and enjoy visiting new places (mostly tropical!) including Punta Cana and Mexico. I’ve always wanted to travel to Jamaica, Europe, and Cuba. (Now that we’re permitted – thanks Obama.) I love to laugh and have fun. My secret passion that’s not-so-secret is country music. Kenny Chesney has always been my lover and going to live country music shows is definitely a way that I love spending my time.


I’ve been a Cincinnati Bengals season ticket holder for almost 10 years and used to work on the Reds Rally Pack when Great American Ball Park first opened. I love sports and going to sporting events. In my spare time you can find me down at the Holy Grail cheering on all our local teams including my beloved UK Wildcats.

Stuff you may not know about me…
I can speak French fluently and some social Spanish. When I was 5, I cut off part of my ring finger and now have an awkward looking fingertip. I’m also an avid neat freak and love organizing. I’m really good at growing plants. I have 2 orchids that I’ve kept alive for over 2 years now. If there’s anything you ever want to know about me, just ask. I’m very good at sharing.


Email Fritsch at fritsch@wkrq.com.