About Jeff

Hey, thanks for visiting my page!

I’m originally from Boston, MA. Grew up there until I left the nest to work in radio. I’ve lived in Portland, ME, Sacramento, CA, New York, NY, Tampa, FL.

Jenn and I moved to Cincinnati in 2002. Damn, time flies!

My girlfriend Kristen & I live in Kenwood. She has three kids—two living on their own; her youngest in college (and they’re all awesome!) We have two rescue cats—Joe & Gracie.


I’m very low-key…hate being the center of attention…keep a small group of friends. People say I’m hard to read (thanks to my RBF). I’m not into small talk, and it takes me a bit to connect with strangers. But once we become friends, I’m fiercely loyal.

Things I Love: TRAVELING (especially road trips to places I’ve never been before), dining out, bourbon tasting, classic old movies, antique microphones, antique radios, and theme songs from the 70s & 80s TV shows.

My Quirks: I collect recordings of old radio station jingles. I’m obsessed with subway/bus stop signs from my hometown. I hoard black Sharpies and Flair pens. If I eat chips, I have to eat the broken ones FIRST. I get a thrill when my bills are paid and the laundry is done. I’m kind of a real estate groupie—love to follow flips and know what people bought & sold their house for. That said, I have no interest in actually renovating or remodeling a home myself…but I love to watch other people do theirs…so if you’re redecorating, building an addition, or remodeling your kitchen, I want to see/hear about it!

My Favorite Movies: North by Northwest, Lost In Translation, The Way, Elizabethtown, Rain Man, The Shining, and Spotlight just to name a few!

A Few Things I Want To Do Before I Die: Drive Route 66 from end-to-end, drink whisky in Tokyo, attend Sundance, appear as an extra in a Hollywood movie and see Monument Valley!


Why I Chose Radio as a Career: Growing up, I LOVED listening to the radio and was intrigued with how it all worked behind the scenes. The DJs always sounded like they were having so much fun!

Thanks again for checking out my page!


Email Jeff at jeff@wkrq.com!