About Mark

When they say time flies when you’re having fun, they aren’t kidding! It’s hard to believe I’ve been with Q102 for 28 years! Most of my time with Q has been on the weekends, but it seems like I’ve pretty much done it all here.

I was born here in Cincinnati and moved around a fair amount when I was a kid. A lot of my childhood was spent in North Palm Beach, Florida, where I loved fishing and boating. We lived right on the water. I’d run around to my friends’ houses in my boat instead of a car. It was awesome! Eventually my family did move back home to Cincinnati, and I attended Mariemont High School. After graduation, I did seek out the sun and fun again for a time when moving out west to California. But, after a while, home was calling me back. Cincinnati has a way of doing that. I missed my family and Skyline Chili! I now live right across the river in Northern Kentucky with my wife, Jennifer, our three kids, and our Maltese Yogi.

Anyone that knows me, no doubt, can attest for my LOVE of music! My favorites are house and EDM music, and I enjoy spending time mixing it up on my turntables. Mixing old dance with new EDM has an amazing sound! My love of music has spread to my oldest son, Chandler, and he has turned into a great mixer.

Another huge passion of mine is golf. I’m kind of addicted! We love the beach and all that goes with it. My daughter Maddie has turned us into volleyball lovers, as she plays year round.

I enjoy a great meal and spending time with my family. PF Chang’s is one of our favorites. Dewey’s Pizza, Graeter’s ice cream and Skyline are definitely up there, too!

Outside of DJing on the radio, I also own an entertainment company called McFadden Music. We provide DJs for all types of events. I have 10 DJs that work for us. We make sure people have fun and love keeping the dance floor packed all night long. My DJs are some of my best friends, and I love what I do.

Q102 has been a huge part of my life over the last 28 years. I love to meet our listeners, and hear stories of their memories of the station. It seems that everyone has a story or connection to Q102.

I’m very approachable, so if you see me out, please introduce yourself! Would love to hear your memories and connection to the station that we all love!


Email Mark at mark@wkrq.com.