Mike Loy

About Mike

Radio has taken me from one coast to the next, and to every time zone in between. Before coming to Cincinnati, I worked at stations in Southern Oregon, Denver, Rochester, NY, and in Central Illinois, which is where I grew up.

I’m from a small town called Spring Valley. It’s fairly isolated, and surrounded by endless seas of corn and beans, and long-abandoned coal mines. It’s farm country.

As a kid, avoiding organized sports and escaping farm country were my top priorities. Now I miss farm country, and I travel back home as often as possible. But I still dislike sports.


Today, my wife and I live on the West Side, along with our three cats and a one crazy little terrier named Beasley. Beasley loves you. He’s never met you, but he loves you anyway. Twig is a Bengal cat. He looks like a leopard, and is just as wild. The other two are just … cats. Although Grizzy only has one eye. So that’s pretty metal. And Nilla loves Christmas.

Outside of work, I generally draw and watch movies, usually at the same time. I ink comic strips, urban and rural landscapes, and eerie Halloween-esque representations of otherwise common things.

I am also a proud comic book reader and collector. I still go to the shop to get new books every Wednesday, and have for over 30 years. I am also currently nurturing a brand-new addiction that involves acquiring classic key issues from the 1970s.


Email Mike at mike@wkrq.com.