Birthday Scam – In-Game Purchase
Bethany says that there is nothing her husband, Mike, hates more than people calling him, while they're distracted. He's trying to sell some things from the garage on Facebook marketplace.
Full Show Replay – The Day We Wore Crocs
On this episode of the Roy, Nat, and Freddy Mac Show we talk about the first 3-D hotel, wearing Crocs outside of your home, signs you're in a "situationship", and much more!
Full Show Replay – The Day We Annoyed TSA
On this episode of the Roy, Nat, and Freddy Mac Show we talk Girl Scout cookie drive-thru, things that seem wrong but aren't, non-participating locations, and much more!
Birthday Phone Scam – No Bag Neighbor
Stephanie wants to Birthday Scam her boyfriend, Ian. He’s one of those people that doesn’t pick up after their dog in the neighborhood, and thinks that its fertilizer.
Full Show Replay – The Day We Put Our Foot in Our Mouths
On this episode of the Roy, Nat, and Freddy Mac Show, we give Roy and intervention about his hypocrisy, we about the first place we'd eat if we escaped from jail, things your thought were awesome as a kid but you hate as an adult, and much more!
Birthday Phone Scam – The Slow Food Order
Lisa works at a restaurant that does take out. Her sister, Celeste, says they’re pretty slow in the mornings, so it’s a great time to call. And Freddy Mac is going to be the world’s slowest talker! Let’s test her patience.
Full Show Replay – The Day We Took a Gap Year
On this episode of the Roy, Nat, and Freddy Mac Show, we discuss best and worst Easter candy, taking a mid-life gap year, a listener is making her bridesmaids cover up their tattoos, and much more!

About Roy


My name is Roy Brown, and I’m the newest addition to the Q102 air staff, joining Freddy Mac and Nat every afternoon. I most recently was performing a morning show in Charlotte, NC, on Kiss 95.1, so I’m REALLY excited to do a fun show with my friends and SLEEP in! Goodbye 4am alarm clock!


I live in Northern Kentucky with my fiancé, Sterling. I have an amazing service dog beagle named Cali who is typically with me everywhere I go. My version of a fun night is great conversations with my friends and family while enjoying delicious food and wine. I’m currently scoping out new wine clubs to join, and if you ever want to talk varietals, I’m your guy. When I disappear from the radio for an extended period of time, you will find me traveling either to a foreign country or some place near a beach.

I was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, where I briefly worked with Freddy Mac—which goes to show you how small of a world we really live in. I hope to make you laugh every afternoon, on the legendary Q102.


Email Roy at

About Nat

“We have plenty of time to grow up” – me 😉

Well hello, and welcome to my bio. I’m Natalie, West-Side-born Cincy native making the best out of every day and having as much fun as possible. Please let’s go to yoga, get outside, and push some limits together. ☺️


I am the middle of 5 children raised the classic Cincinnati way: Catholic schools, parish festivals, and a lot of sports, making me a natural tomboy through and through. I’m single, no kids, but my Aunt Nat genes are strong, as I have 6 nieces, and I love big families.

Growing up in Cincinnati and moving from west to east to Clifton to OTR, I decided after graduating from UC to take my life on the road and see what this world has to offer. I ended up on the west coast in a life full of performance, stand-up comedy, outside adventure, sports, and a little bit of volunteer radio. Which I loved but always thought something was missing.

So, when I decided to come home and be with family, I was elated to find a whole new meaning of family here at Q102. I found what I have been missing. It’s just an honor to speak to my hometown every day. ☺️ I really feel like I am member of a bigger team just doing my part. And my part is to make it fun! It’s my favorite thing in life, to bring joy to others, I think because it brings me just as much joy. ☺️


When I am not in the studio you can find me in a group fitness class (I love exercising and fitness more than anything!!), outside, traveling, downtown at a happening, or with my family. Lol. I am always on the go and looking forward to the next best thing to find and tell everyone about.


Email Natalie at

About Freddy Mac

Heyooo, I’m Freddy Mac!

I was born and raised in Maryland, but I moved to Cincinnati most recently from Roanoke, VA. I became a dad in December 2020! I’ve never been more in love!


I’m one of those weirdos that always knew I wanted to be in broadcasting since I was about 10 years old, when I got the chance to do the morning announcements.

I’ve been doing this radio thing since I was a freshman in college. When I first attempted to volunteer at the college station, I somehow forgot to do the follow up paperwork, which resulted in an ‘F’ on my transcript–but that’s a story for another time. Radio has introduced me to some really cool people, and taken me to some awesome places, but I’m so happy to be in my dream job here in Cincinnati!

I enjoy: Pizza! Buying new shoes (especially Nikes and Jordans). Playing basketball. Going to the movies. Trying new restaurants. Playing drums (got my first drum set when I was 2!) Sitting under a HUGE umbrella at the beach. Live music. DJ weddings. Bourbon. Tequila. Driving on a road trip. Tearing up the dance floor. Quality time with family. Having drinks on a patio. Travel. Community service. Brunch (with bottomless mimosas). Binging shows on Netflix, and the occasional cigar.

Outside of being on the radio, you can catch me DJ’ing just about any event under the sun, especially weddings! I have always loved all types of music, and seeing smiling faces when people are enjoying themselves on the dance floor. If you need a DJ/MC for anything, hit me up!

I love connecting with people on the air and meeting listeners! If you see me out and about, be sure to say hey—I can’t wait to meet you! Email me anytime or connect on social!

-Freddy Mac

Email Freddy at