About Roy


My name is Roy Brown, and I’m the newest addition to the Q102 air staff, joining Freddy Mac and Nat every afternoon. I most recently was performing a morning show in Charlotte, NC, on Kiss 95.1, so I’m REALLY excited to do a fun show with my friends and SLEEP in! Goodbye 4am alarm clock!


I live in Northern Kentucky with my fiancé, Sterling. I have an amazing service dog beagle named Cali who is typically with me everywhere I go. My version of a fun night is great conversations with my friends and family while enjoying delicious food and wine. I’m currently scoping out new wine clubs to join, and if you ever want to talk varietals, I’m your guy. When I disappear from the radio for an extended period of time, you will find me traveling either to a foreign country or some place near a beach.

I was born and raised in Roanoke, Virginia, where I briefly worked with Freddy Mac—which goes to show you how small of a world we really live in. I hope to make you laugh every afternoon, on the legendary Q102.


Email Roy at roy@wkrq.com