About Tim

Hi! Thanks for taking a few to learn more about me. I’m Tim and I do all sorts of things for Q102 and the Jeff & Jenn Morning Show. You can also hear me every day at 10AM for the Q102 Hot List. I have always loved music and people and adventure. I grew up in Detroit and my parents and my brother and his family still live there. I have lots of nieces and nephews.


Radio has taken me to some really awesome places, but I am so happy to be in Cincinnati, where I fell in love, rescued a Beagle named Captain Steve (RIP) and bought some income properties. Yup, I’m a landlord. We have renovated homes in Prospect Hill, Incline District, Oakley, Mt. Washington, East Walnut Hills and now Clifton.  You can see some of my renovations here.

I’m blunt, sarcastic, loyal, laid back, and usually not politically correct. I’m a Scorpio.

I’m always trying to work out and eat right, but it’s hard because I love to eat, drink and socialize! I was a lifeguard and swim teacher and coach for 10 years. I also taught preschool.

I enjoy: Cooking for friends and family. Game Night. Driving. Trying new restaurants. Having drinks on a patio. Soaking in the sun at a Reds game. Beer—especially Madtree. Making the rounds downtown to see everybody. Snacks. UC Football games. Old Radio Jingles. Cheese and Wine. Laying out at the pool. Chips and Salsa. Bowling. Yacht Rock (Google it). Meeting listeners. Being comfortable. Maps. Unexpected evenings. Exploring neighborhood bars. Travel. Sweatpants and hoodies (see being comfortable).

I’m also a real estate agent can help you sell your home AND SAVE YOU THOUSANDS!  Learn more about Reallink here!

I also do voice work for different radio stations around the country—you may hear me while you’re on vacation or traveling for work!

The best part about my job is that I get to hang with friends every morning (that includes YOU!), plus we can use the show to do good here in the Tri-State. If you see me around town, please say hi! Email anytime or connect on social media. I’m always looking for spots to enjoy a bite or grab a beer.


Email Tim at tim@wkrq.com.