Sister Soup

The key to making good soup is for the ingredients to blend together perfectly. And after a long, slow simmer, the better it will be. The same holds true for the Sister Soup podcast featuring sisters/BFFs, Toria and Ariana.

Being siblings who are very close to each other (multiple daily phone calls prove that), naturally they are going to have similarities. The Hoosier natives are cat owners, plant enthusiasts and fitness fanatics with immense love of family and friends. Not to mention exceptionally beautiful, extremely funny and extraordinarily modest. 😉

But their differences are the ingredients that make this Sister Soup super. One is married and can be content to relax in suburbia while the other is single and living it up in the city. One works on-air (radio) while the other works on hair (cosmetologist). Blended together, they’re sure to please your palate with tasty takes on atypical topics.

Sister Soup serves up a dash of family drama, a pinch of fashion and a sprinkle of sisterly advice. From relationships to all things trendy, Toria and Ariana share their 20-something perspectives in this salty but sweet sentiment on life.

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