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Welcome to my blog!


Hi!! Welcome to my Baby Talk with Toria blog! I am so excited to partner with The Christ Hospital Birthing Center on this project—and to share my pregnancy journey with you! I figured…where else to start but at the beginning? 😊  So, let me explain how I selected my doctor at The Christ Hospital.

Getting older is funny. You get excited about things like getting on your own insurance plan and going back to a doctor you used to love seeing! That’s what happened to me. Dr. Eric Stamler was the very first doctor to see me as a teenager, back when I had so many questions about the birds and the bees, periods, birth control, etc. When I got the opportunity to switch back to a doctor at Christ, I knew it was him I wanted to sit down and talk to about trying to start a family.

I was so nervous walking into my appointment because my husband and I were coming up on a year of trying, but Dr. Stamler was so reassuring and thorough. He explained to us that coming off birth control plays into getting pregnant, along with other things like stress and having a VERY irregular period (our MAIN issues). He mapped out a game plan for us, where to start to get our bases covered. We talked ovulation, sex, how often (because truthfully there aren’t many days to get pregnant in a month and having an irregular ovulation, it’s hard to know!) and he even discussed options from there if they needed to be taken: like testing Jon and medicine to help my ovulation.

Going to that first heartbeat/ultrasound appointment was so exciting. My husband, Jon, got to meet Dr. Stamler, and I remember leaving and Jon saying, “Wow, he knows his stuff!” To which I replied, “See! That’s why I was glad I could get back on as one of his patients!” HAHA!

I decided going into this pregnancy that I would see all the doctors in the practice, just in case Dr. Stamler wasn’t available when I do go into labor. So far, the ones I’ve gotten to meet, I like as equally well as I do Dr. Stamler! Each has been so informative in their own way, depending on the type of appointment that day. They’re all so personable and never leave Jon out of appointments; he’s included in all the info and given time to ask his own questions, too.

We are a little halfway through our journey now, but I can’t wait to take you along as I experience it all. Whether you’re like me—a first-time momma with loads of questions—or already a mom and looking for a new provider, I hope my journey can help you in some way! I’ll be regularly posting on Q102’s Facebook page and on my blog right here on throughout my pregnancy!

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