Welcome Home with Jon & Toria | What We're Talking About

We’re buying—and building—our dream house!


Jon and I have some EXCITING news!!! We’re buying a house!! We’re ready for some space so we can get organized, entertain and someday expand our family.

We started talking about our future home while we were engaged, and we both agreed we wanted something that we could grow in. We decided building was a perfect option for us! Some of our priorities are space, storage, growing a family, entertaining—and not have to move for a long time!

We did some homework on areas we could see ourselves living and raising a family in, plus builders in the area that felt like a fit for us. We had multiple friends and family members recommend Fischer Homes! And their website was always the first thing that popped up when we’d browse online, so I felt like that’s a sign… lol!

We started exploring some model options on the Fischer Homes website, and we loved so many of them! We are pretty lucky because we have similar taste in home layouts. We definitely wanted to see some models in person to get a feel for our future home. So, we booked an appointment with a New Home Specialist on fischerhomes.com and got started!

We had a “his” and “hers” checklist ready:

1. Open-concept kitchen/living room
2. Tub in the master bathroom
3. Fireplace

1. Man Cave
2. Man Cave
3. Man Cave
(do you think Jon’s excited about a man cave? Lol)

We are happy to have you all along with us as we dive into our next big adventure! Come with us as we take a look through some models!!

~Jon & Toria