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When To Take A Bathroom Break During The Three-Hour Taylor Swift Era’s Tour

Festival Toilets

A three-hour concert. Hydration from waiting in merch lines. Dinner. Drinks. You will need to take a bathroom break at SOME point during the three-hour concert. But when?

Surprisingly, this problem amongst Swifties is actively and widely shared, and the fans are giving tips. An overwhelming amount of Taylor Swift fans recommend to take a bathroom break during the song Enchanted.

“If you really need to go, I would say the best time is right after ‘Enchanted,’ like when she’s walking off the stage in her beautiful princess gorgeous ball gown. Run up the stairs, go to the bathroom then, because there’s a long interlude right before Red,” one TikTok user said.

You’re not going to want to hold your potty break because the Midnight section of the performance is very dancy.

Don’t be surprised if the men’s restroom get’s overtaken by women like we have seen in other cities. However do not make this a strategy, as fans have been ejected from the concert for doing this. We don’t know what Paycor has set up for bathrooms, so be aware.

If you want to strategize your bathroom breaks, we have released the Taylor Swift setlist for the Era’s Tour stop in Cincinnati.

So coordinate carefully, stay hydrated and have fun!