Easter Eggs

Last week I spent some time “hopping around” Kroger to find some good Easter basket items. I stuffed it full with Reese’s of every sort and called it a day 😂.  This week, I filled the basket with some different items. Yes, still eggs…but not of the chocolate nature. DEVILED EGGS! They are my absolute weakness! So I ran to Kroger and grabbed everything I needed…eggs (of course). For the filling, some Simple Truth Mayonnaise, mustard, sugar & apple-cider vinegar then some paprika to add a little spice. To make the eggs a little more appealing to the eye on Easter Sunday, we also grabbed some different egg-dye colors. The result, some delicious, festive deviled eggs!


How fun… Are these enough eggs?! Kroger kicked our egg decorating up a notch. Plus, they have great deals on our favorite cage-free eggs🥚🐰!


For more details on this and other Kroger Creations, click here. We’ll be adding new inspirations every Wednesday with items you can pick up from your neighborhood Kroger.