Getting a head start on the big game this weekend thanks to Kroger. I just did Italian wraps and cut them.

The dog couldn’t even resist! There are tons of great easy, bite-size, just delicious game day food ideas on Check it out!

Ready for some football! Even more, ready for some apps! 😅 Stopped by Kroger to grab so many of their chips & pre-made dips…my head is spinning. First, we snagged a couple different kinds of Kroger’s crunchy tortilla chips. Then, the dips. Delicious medium salsa (Simple Truth brand is delicious), some of the fresh-made guac, an unbelievable salami dip, & a guilty pleasure of mine and Tori’s, Jarlsberg cheese dip. For ONE Sunday we’re gonna throw out our meal prep plans and indulge a little….you should too! You’ve earned it 😅 Enjoy the big game!

For more details on this and other Kroger Creations, click here. We’ll be adding new inspirations every Wednesday with items you can pick up from your neighborhood Kroger.