Prep + Pared

Toria and I are doing are best to keep our 2018 bodies somewhat, on track…lol. Especially for our upcoming nuptials. We have been pretty good about following our meal prep schedule (we she has at least). But there have been some nights where we’ve just wanted a more filling, tasty meal.

It was our first time trying it and now we’re hooked…Kroger’s Prep + Pared meals. We picked up a couple of these last night (because I don’t eat the portions of a normal human being, we had to get two) Carne Asada Steak & Rosemary Turkey Meatballs. Toria made the steak & I made the meatball meal. DELICIOUSSSSSSS!

The steak was cooked perfectly & the veggies + refried beans tasted so fresh. Meanwhile, I had never had pasta with a butternut squash sauce?!  Sweet & savory & could have eaten 50 of the rosemary turkey meatballs.

All in all, it took us (just like it said on the box) about 20 min to cook each of our meals. 100% worth it for the quality meal that it was. EVERY ingredient is portioned and provided for you in these, so if you think about it, it saved us a TON of searching time at the store for the ingredients.  Toria and I agreed, we’re gonna nix our meal-prepped meal for dinner…and treat ourselves with a Kroger Prep + Paired meal from now on. 


For more details on this and other Kroger Creations, click here. We’ll be adding new inspirations every Wednesday with items you can pick up from your neighborhood Kroger.