V-Day Prep

With Valentine’s Day moving in fast (next week), I wanted to get some practice in for the meal I’m going to cook Toria. So, this week I hopped on Kroger’s website and found a recipe for sautéed mushrooms and chicken with roasted garlic. Difficulty level: 2. 😂

I grabbed all the ingredients listed on the recipe sheet from Kroger.com. Chicken breast, mushrooms, garlic paste, chicken broth, etc.  Then in about 15 min, I had successfully made it through my practice-Valentine’s dinner for Toria. She seemed pretty impressed too. So, next week I’m thinking I’ll get really crazy and add some onions.😂

Another successful Kroger Creation.




Kroger makes it easy for the kids to become cooks a well.  My boys took a test run on soft tacos for dad’s Valentine’s dinner!  They used Kroger private selection, low-fat ground beef, finely shredded sharp cheddar cheese, organic tomatoes and fresh lettuce.



Success! ~Laura


For more details on this and other Kroger Creations, click here. We’ll be adding new inspirations every Wednesday with items you can pick up from your neighborhood Kroger.