Play Ball

With baseball season beginning, I couldn’t help but want to enjoy the same delicious food at home that they have at GABP🌭. So I did my best to recreate using Kroger ingredients like Simple Truth Beef Hot Dogs, Cheddar Bratwurst, Simple Truth Dijon Mustard, a 3 Onion Pepper Blend, Sauerkraut, Pepperoncinis, Pickle Spears and of course…some of Kroger’s fresh Hot Dog Buns. I went for a Chicago style dog as well as a German-inspired sauerkraut and Dijon mustard covered dog. I’d say the result was pretty successful considering I ate most of them and left little for Toria😆.  Another great Kroger Creation to celebrate the start of baseball season!


Let the baseball begin!⚾ Game days are not just chips & dips at the Powell house. Before the game starts, I go to Kroger!

I grabbed some Simple Truth Extra Large Cooked Tail-On Shrimp, added some lemon and Old Bay seasoning then just tossed, and voila! For the boys, I browned some lean ground beef, diced some tomatoes, a little marinara sauce, threw in some bow tie pasta and –– bam, we are ready. That’s just the start of a winning game!


For more details on this and other Kroger Creations, click here. We’ll be adding new inspirations every Wednesday with items you can pick up from your neighborhood Kroger.